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Spacewalker 8X42 3D Binoculars

What?? Yes, you can now view The Heavens in 3D with our 8X42 Roof Prism 3D Binoculars. Just carry them in your pocket and lay back in a chair. See the night sky in 3D for this incredibly low price. Russ designed these to render 4 depths with the center of the fied being closest to the observer. Fantastic quality, rubber armoured, waterproof, nitrogen filled and world class performance are what you expect from Denkmeier Optical and we deliver!


"I opted for Phase Corrected and dielectric coatings (on the penta prism) because they made a huge difference!"-Russ Lederman


Roof Prism 8X42 Binoculars

Diopter on right eyepiece

Optional Batwing Eyeguards included

Click-up eyecups (not used with batwings)

Phase corrected Coatings

Dielectric Penta Prism Coating

Waterproof and Nitrogen Filled


Spacewalker 8X42 3D Binoculars

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