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"We are Damn good!" But seriously, we care about being original and our innovations come about through one goal: To make Your Observing Experience More Wonderous! I have spent countless hours under the stars and I know how much effort it takes to brave the cold in winter, the bugs in summer, to battle the dew, not to mention the breaking down of equipment after a long night of observing. As the inventor of all these new Denkmeier products never before seen in amateur astronomy, I myself have to LOVE IT in it's final stages of development or it does NOT become a product. This is a No-Fluff Zone. I do not work on products that just "sound good". If I make it available to all of you, it is because I myself cannot do without it! That's my pledge to the world-wide amateur astronomy community. As for me, I think, dream, imagine and then test a proof of concept. Ultimately, after optimizing the physical manifestation of what was initially born as a dream, an idea, it must pass my careful testing under the stars. Through this stringent methodology, I am proud to have provided The Power Switch, The large format OCS Optics, and The LOA Deep Immersion 3D Eyepieces, The D21 and D14 Eyepieces, The Binotron 27, and Spacewalker Binoculars etc. to amateur astronomers in over 55 countries world-wide. I do hope that my innovations assist you in your quest to observe the vastness and beautiful reality of our Universe. This is why I build each and every system myself. I have a personal interest in making sure that you are well pleased while using the products that I work on. I am an avid observer of the heavens, first and foremost! For me, this is the winning formula that has allowed my work in this endeavor to continue for over 20 years now. I do want to thank each and every one of you who have supported my work for these two decades! I will continue to put the care into each and every item that you order from us. -Russ Lederman
Call or text: 410-251-4052
Whatsapp: 410-251-4052


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