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The R2 Power Switch Star Diagonal

This star diagonal allows you to run through many magnifications with your Binoviewer! View the Power Switch Star Diagonal Manual and go to R2 to see just how many magnifications you can obtain and also the focus (whether inward or outward) will be required. While we of course recommend that our Binotron 27 is used, other brands will work though we do not specificall test them. See this manual for more specific details on The R2 Power Switch Star Diagonal. All optics are of course fully multi-coated and of the highest quality and precision. Our Filter Switch can also be added to this Power Switch Star Diagonal and you save $100 off of regular Filter Switch Price of $249! You will be refunded $100 after checking out of the online store. Note that both the complete IVB for SCTs (Inter-Locking Visual Back) and also a typical 2" telescope-side nose (Shown In Photo) are provided.

R2 IVB Power Switch Star Diagonal

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