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LOA 32 Deep Immersion 3D Eyepieces

With 6 depths of 3D, these beautifully made, highest of quality 3D Plossls contain the LOA (Lederman Optical Array) just like the LOA 21s. Note that just like the LOA 21 Deep Immersion 3D Eyepiece Pair, Only ONE of the LOA 32 Deep Immersion 3D Eyepieces in the 3D Pair contains the Lederman Optical Array*. The very low power that these 32s provide help stars look like inpoints against a black velvety sky.

Be sure to add a Neutral for $99*


50 degree AFOV

Fully Multi-Coated

Fully Machined anodized aluminum bodies and housings

No grooves on barrels (holds alignment in The Binotron 27!)

Rubber Eyecup

Array Glass 1/10 Wave Flat Fully Multi-Coated

Cemented with a Proprietary Process


*One eyepiece has the LOA (Lederman Optical Array)

The other 32mm LOA Plossl does not have the array. When used in a Binoviewer, this pair creates the 3D. So, when viewing The Moon, the eyepiece with the 3D array is removed, and a second matched Neutral replaces it. Now Lunar views are two eyed but conventional. The 3D interferes with Lunar viewing and is not recommended.


LOA 32 deep Immersion 3D Eyepiece Pair

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