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1.25" #150 OCS Cell For Coronado BF 1.25" Diagonals

This includes the necessary 1.25" Optical Doublet in cell that threads to the telescope-side of your 1.25" Blocking Filter Diagonal used in the Coronado Line of H-a telescopes such as the Solarmax 60 and 90.

It must be in place for all Denk Binoviewers to reach focus. All Denk Binoviewers with Power Switches will operate at three magniciations of approximately 1.3X/2.5X/3X depending on the model of Denk that you have. If there is no Power Switch, only one 2.5X factor will result. If added to a new Binotron 27 Order, this product will include a 1.25" nosepiece which threads into the Binotron 27 Power Switch threaded intake after all 2" tubes are threaded off.

Note: For Lunt H-a Scopes, please see the product page and choose Lunt Optical Adapter. This product will not work for Lunt H-a scopes.

#150 1.25" Cell For Coronado Solarmax

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