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Binoviewer Systems, Binoculars and Deep Immersion 3D Eyepieces for your Telescopes.
"Just to say greetings and one comment
about your wonderful binoviewers.
With this virus crisis I cannot go to the
country. I installed my Ultra Compact 22"
and I used The Binotron 27 with your marvelous
3D Eyepieces. You cannot imagine how my wife
and I saw the night sky. It is amazing even in
a large city as Guadalajara with a lot of light
pollution. M3,M13, M12, M10,M22, in the morning sky
and M93,M46,M47,N2362 and many others look incredible with your LOA 3D Eyepieces.
I am so sorry because of the people who cannot get this bino with these eyepieces. They do not know what they are loosing or worse, they do not want to get them. Thank you for all these equipment and wonderful pieces."
-Ricardo Calderon
I can't wait for you you both to use them under a dark sky! -Russ Lederman

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