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2" IVB Star Diagonal
Check out our brand New Inter-Locking Visual Back (IVB) 2" Star Diagonal


Finally: This is One Secure Star Diagonal ! Will Not Rotate Downward Accidentaly!
Includes a Denk IVB 2" Star Diagonal with a 2" to 1.25" adapter, engraved aluminum dust plug, 99% Dielectric 1/10th Wave Flat Mirror, the patent pending Inter-Locking Visual bacK (IVB). Never have your diagonal freeze up and not loosen on those cold nights. Never have your diagonal slip and rotate downward, falling out of your telescope!

For Refractors Too! Choose "Refractor Option" in the shopping cart at bottom of this page and the diagonal will have a conventional slip-in style 2" tube instead of the IVB Configuration.

Upper Right: Parts A/B of the IVB Element threads onto your SCT Tube's rear male thread. "A" side has female SCT threads that couple to your male SCT tube assembly threads. Note that Part B ends in an inter-locking configuration that mates with Part D (silver section) of the Star Diagonal. Part C is the typical 2" Tube on the telescope-side of the star diagonal. Part D is the inter-locking part on the star diagonal.


Above Left: The IVB Visual Back Section threaded to an SCT. Above Right: The Star Diagonal Rear Tube inter-locks with the SCT Visual Back

Once interlocked, a simple machined thumbscrew seen in the left-hand photo is threaded down until it lightly contacts the star diagonal 2" tube located inside of the visual back section. There is an indented area on this tube so the diagonal cannot fall out of the scope if the inter-locking parts become disengaged.

Left: This illustration shows the star diagonal located in an unfavorable viewing position after an object is located. The thumbsrew is loosened slightly, the inter-locking parts are dis-engaged, the diagonal is ready to be rotated to an ideal viewing position.
Right: After turning the star diagonal upright, the parts are once again inter-locked and the thumbscrew is turned down to contact. It's that easy. The diagonal now cannot accidently rotate downward! No force was needed to acheive this very secure retaining of the star diagonal! It will loosen and dis-engage for further rotations during an observing session no matter how cold the parts get. No more "Frozen Tight Star Diagonals" with our new system!

Choose this high quality optional case when checking out. It is designed to accomodate any of our star diagonals including S1, S2, R1. and R2 and this SCT Star Diagonal.

Above Left: If a Shortened Light Path is desired when using our Denk Binoviewers, the eyepiece holder can be removed with the addition of our special dovetail adapter system.
Above Right: Once the eyepiece holder has been removed, your Denk Binoviewer may be docked using our Dovetail Connector which threads into the binoviewer. So, there are two parts: One that attaches to the star diagonal body in place of the eyepiece holder, and one that threads to the Binoviewer Power Switch or Bino Body (same threads) and allows dockage to the receptacle shown above left.

Why is it different from all previous star diagonals?

1. It features our new  Denk Inter-Locking Visual Back (IVB) Technology !  This diagonal is easy to reposition when your wedge mounted or EQ mounted SCT changes position. You can quickly de-couple the diagonals patent pending DIVB and rotate the diagonal to the ideal position. Then re-engage the parts and turn in a thumbscrew. No force is required and it cannot rotate downward accidentaly!
2. Features 99% reflective Dielectric coatings for the brightest views possible.
3. 1/10th flat substrate Quartz Mirror
4. If using a Denk Binoviewer and you wish to shorten the lightpath, the diagonal's eyepiece holder is removable. Then, the binoviewer may be docked directly to the diagonal's body, removing 38mm of lightpath. This is ideal for special shortened refractors as well. No need to go to a 1.25" diagonal to shorten a lightpath when a refractor does not quite have enough in-travel.


Pictured at right is the complete IVB 2" Star Diagonal with our latest innovative Inter-Locking Visual Back (IVB). The diagonal is shipped complete as shown. The seperate SCT visual back is capped in a yellow plastic plug. The star diagonal is protected with engraved machined aluminum caps on both sides. This diagonal will never accidentaly rotate even when carrying the heaviest accessories. And, there is no need to apply a crazy amount of pressure to ensure non-rotation. It's all accomplished with light finger pressure!

Add a Power Switch
Now available with our large format Power Switch. This allows focal reduction, normal, and barlow action with your single eyepieces or BINOTRON-27! Just Select "Power Switch" option in the drop-down before checking out. Works with any eyepiece. Just laod your BINOTRON-27 or Single Eyepiece into the 2" eyepiece holder or  the 2"/1.25" adapter (included)
and each eyepiece works at three power factors! With single eyepieces, the reduction and barlow factor can be made more extreme by sliding the eyepiece out a bit or even using an extension tube between the eyepiece and the eyepiece holder. (extension not included but they are widely available for about $20 elsewhere). All lenses are fully multi-coated (FMC) with super efficient anti-reflective coatings and the highest quality optics available. For SCTs, refocus is required for each power mode. Not a big compromise when you realize that every object that you view can be examined in low reduction magnification, normal, and barlow mode instantly

For SCTs and Refractors
A few important points: This diagonal can be used in an SCT with single eyepieces, or with The BINOTRON-27 Ala Carte (Binotron Body with no Super System add-on or Power Switch on Binoviewer). To order the BINOTRON Ala Carte, see the "Binotron-27 Super System" page and select "BINOTRON Ala Carte" at bottom of the page in the ordering section. A refractor can also use the power switch star diagonal and generally always for Binotron use, but the Optical Corrector Lens (OCS) option must be added when options are added below using the dropdown menu. The OCS lens must be threaded to the IVB diagonal body on the telescope side. The telescope side nose section threads off, the OCS threads on in place of the tube, and then the tube can be threaded onto the OCS Cell. It's that easy. Now the Power Switch will function with the BINOTRON at approximately 1.3X/2.3X and 3X in your refractor. 

  Pictured above is the IVB 2" Star Diagonal with Power Switch

                                                                                                                              Add the optional  Case 

This high quality case comes complete with lock and key, and a very dense closed cell insert. It will accomocate the IVB Star Diagonal and also safely protect the diaognal with the added power switch and/or filter switch The Filter Switch allows 3 positions instantly with a silky smooth action. Move in a left side filter, or a right side filter, or nuetral with no filter at the push of a finger. Included with the Filter Switch option are two internal 2" filter carriers. Add extra 2" carriers for more 2" filters, or add a 2" carrier and a 1.25" stepdown if you wish to use 1.25" filters. 

To Order
Just select IVB Star Diagonal below. Add the Power Switch, Filter Switch, or both using the drop down menu. Prices will be shown before you make the selection. Other options include case, Filter Switch Carriers, and Special Nosepiece for refractors-only (non SCT IVB Back) and also the OCS Cell. If you wish to order a BINOTRON027 Ala Carte, please go to the hompage and select BINOTRON-27 Super Systems. There at bottom you will find the shopping cart item "BINOTRON-27 Ala Carte".

IVB 2" SCT Star Diagonal

NEW!!! Denk IVB  2" Star Diagonal for SCTs with IVB (Inter-Locking Visual Back). It's a very new, super secure, and easy to use
2" Star Diagonal for your SCT. Will not freeze up on those cold nights. No need to use tremendous force to secure the star diagonal and prevent unwanted rotation downward as your scope slews to a new object! This is easy, and secures your diagonal after moving it to the proper position for viewing........ WITHOUT the need for excessive force! read more...........
Retail Price: $299.00
Our Price: $249.00 - You Save $50.00!

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