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Complete Product List
This list will allow you to select the product directly by name rather than through the Guided Shopping procedure. It offers a quick and convenient method to go directly to the particular item of interest once you have learned about it after using the Shopping Guide.

Binoviewers Ala Carte

Standard Binoviewer $449

Denk II Binoviewer  $899

Complete Binoviewer Packages

Denk Super Systems : Standard-$795 and Denk II Versions-$1295

The Big Easy

Power x Switch Star Diagonals (Add a Denk Binoviewer Ala Carte) Add $120 for Dielectric Mirror Version
#S1 for SCTS and single eyepiece usage only (not for Binoviewer usage) $389
#S2 for SCTs and Binoviewer usage (also works for single eyepieces) $389
#R1 for Refractors (And SCT)  $499
#R1 For Takahashi FSQ106 $549
#R2 For Refractors $599

The Filter Switch  $189 When Ordered At Time Of Ordering Binoviewer Power x Switch System or Power switch Diagonal

Denkmeier Eyepieces  Matched and Assembled At Denkmeier Optical Facilities
D21s 6 elements in 4 Groups $498 Per Pair 
D14s 6 Elements in 5 groups $578 Per Pair 

Hydrogen Alpha Accessories
#150 Cell  One Fully Muli-Coated Optical Doublet $119
#150 Cell/Part O Two Fully Multi-Coated Optical Doublets  $199
Bino-Corrector for P.S.T. $179

Power x Switches for Denk Binoviewers
Dual Arm Newtonian Power x Switch $299
Dual Arm Refractor Power x Switch $299
Dual Arm SCT Power x Switch $299

New Denkmeier Hi Def Filters
2" UHC or 2" OIII  $249 or $199 when added to new Filter Switch System, $179 when added to New Denk Binoviewer PXS System Purchase
Denkmeier Hi Def Planetary Filters $149

Focal Reduction For Newtonians Used With Denk Binoviewers!  $249

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