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Binoviewers Ala Carte
Binoviewers Ala Carte

The Standard vs The Denk II: Which Is Better?

We are very proud of having created two world-class, large aperture binoviewers that people all over the globe use each night in order to view The Heavens with two eyes. Both models are certainly going to provide observers with amazing images and we always use the same care during assembly and collimation to ensure that strain-free merging of astronomical images will result. But, there are differences that must be mentioned between The Standard and Denk II Binoviewers. After selling both models and receiving feedback based on objective comparisons, our original contention that a discernable difference in performance can be detected when using our best unit, the Denk II has been substantiated. How much of a difference is there? How does this difference manifest itself during actual use in typical night sky conditions? Is the higher price of the Denk II Binoviewer justified by the performance gain that can be expected during it's use?

Real Differences

A large amount of feedback from customers substantiates our findings that the Denk II does provide a discernable boost in contrast and sharpness as compared to the Standard binoviewer. Is this easy to see? Many observers that have done careful side by side comparisons have called the difference "readily noticable". The coatings on the Denk II provide a 9% higher overall transmission in comparison to the Standard Binoviewer Coatings. This difference is very analogous to the contrast gain produced by that of a 96% "enhanced" reflective mirror compared with a Standard 89% reflective mirror. Is this easy to see? For some it is. A review that compares  the Standard and Denk II Binoviewers can be accessed from our "Reviews" section or by using the link provided here: Denk II vs Standard
The review was done before our Power x Switch innovations were available.

The very highly polished surfaces of the Denk II also provide a discernable edge in sharpness on planetary images according to many observers.  Be aware that the Standard Binoviewer certainly deserves to be ranked with the very best 2-3 binoviewers in the world. We firmly believe that the Standard Binoviewer is the best bang for the buck among all binoviewers. If all of the qualities desirable in a binoviewer are weighed such as; 26mm clear aperture, versatile patent pending Power x Switch Systems for any telescope, top notch machining, ease of use, workmanship and customer care, we then believe that The Standard Binoviewer has it all for a highly affordable price point.

IP Distance
All Denkmeier Binoviewers made in the last several years have the capability to accomodate eyes that are only 50mm in separation. This cabability which is narrower than competitive units ( typically having only a 55mm minimum separation) better allows children and those with narrower interpupillary separation to successfully merge an image into a single view!


See our Comparison Chart below. Be assured that either binoviewer must be considered among the world's best . We would not produce a poor performing unit at any price. That is just not our method of doing business. Either model is guaranteed to provide amazingly sharp and comfortable views. The Standard and Denk II are both rigorously tested as we assemble them in our Maryland, U.S.A. location.  This accounts for our track record when it comes to producing easy-to-use binoviewers that allow two-eyed viewing with great comfort, not forced strain. We have attempted to provide you with enough information so that your choice will be easier. More basic information about our Denk Binoviewers can be found in The Power x Switch Star Diagonal Manual.

Important Note Regarding Cases: Aluminum Prices have increased! $39 will be discounted from the Price if an Aluminum Case option is not needed.  In The Shopping Cart at Checkout, enter under comments: "No Case, Deduct $39" , We will revise total to reflect the $39 Discount before we charge your credit card. Case production was delayed as well, so all binoviewer cases will be shipped seperately if your order includes the case.   

Still Unable To Decide?
Call the Binoviewer Indecision Hotline Toll-Free at 866-340-4578 and we will do our best to talk you through it.  

                                   Binoviewer Comparison Chart


Clear Aperture


Surface Accuracy

Eyepiece Holders/IP Distance



Dust Protectors


Included as: The Standard Binoviewer Ala Carte, Standard Super System,and Big Easy Packages




Aluminum SCD Diopter Holders IP:50mm-75mm

Add $39 to Big Easy Price of $549, Deduct $39 from $537 Standard Bino Ala Carte Price

20 oz.





Premium Denk II
Same Binoviewer included as Denk II Ala Carte and  Denk II Super System Power x Switch Packages


Special Dielectric Multi-Coatings


Aluminum SCD Holders

(Deduct $39)

20 oz.

Machined Engraved Plugs and Cap




Standard Binoviewer With SCD Holders/Case Standard Binoviewer With SCD Holders/Case

Setting A New Standard
It's true. An historic review called "Binoviewer Shootout In The Desert" by Jim Gutman assembled 9 observers for a long night of side by side comparisons involving 5 binoviewers. We hadn't produced the Denk II at that time but suffice to say, The Standard came out very well.  After the review, several improvements were made to our Standard binoviewer. It now includes our special SCD Holders and the old Delrin slip-in holders while effective, were phased out long ago. Read more about the Denk Standard here by clicking on the photo! This version includes SCD holders.  Includes super high quality Metal case.

Our Price: $538.00

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Denk II Premium Binoviewer With SCD Holders/Case Denk II Premium Binoviewer With SCD Holders/Case

We tested the "real-world" performance of The Denk II in many telescope designs before going ahead with production of this Binoviewer. The prisms are polished to 1/8 wave surface accuracy and include special baffling to control off axis reflections. Super transmissive coatings formulated to provide maximum contrast throughout the visible spectrum are all features that are rolled into our Premium Denk II Binoviewer. SCD Holders and fully machined, and laser engraved aluminum eyepiece holder dust plugs are standard inclusions.  This is a finely tuned optical instrument worthy or being called our "Premium" Denk II Binoviewer.
Includes Super Quality Metal case.
Our Price: $934.00

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