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Note: There actually is no "Mr. Denkmeier", never was. 
Literal Translation of Our Company Name is "Think Leader"   
Please Beware of Copycats Using Similar Sounding Names!!!! 
We Seek to Illuminate, Not Mislead. Denkmeier Quality Can Only Come From Denkmeier Optical. Anyone wishing to visit our facility in Hauppauge NY may do so. Just call us in advance. We run a professional operation with 35+ full time employees. - Russ Lederman, Inventor of The OCS Systems and The Power switch Systems for Binos and Star Diagonals

Denkmeier Optical and Spectrum Thin Films

October 1st, 2008: Denkmeier Optical, Inc. has joined forces with the premier coating company in the USA, Spectrum Thin Films in Hauppauge, NY. We now can bring you the worlds best Binoviewers, coated and assembled in the same building. Every Filter, Power Switch and Binoviewer must meet our stringent quality control standards! With Spectrum Thin film's state of the art Ion Beam Sputtering Technology (IBS) and a staff of over 30 full time employees specializing in optical coating fabrication, the combined force of Denkmeier Optical and Spectrum Thin Films will bring new and innovative products to the amateur astronomy community.

Every Denkmeier Binoviewer, Eyepiece, Power x Switch or Power x Switch Star Diagonal, and the new Spectrum 60 Upgrade for The PST is carefully assembled in our Hauppauge, NY facility. While we could increase profits by using overseas companies to manufacture all our parts, we feel that the providing the consumer with optical systems that have been built by our own staff is highly beneficial to the end user. We have chosen not to outsource the assembly of these complicated systems because our personal hands-on approach enables us to monitor every phase of production efficiently. We realize that when we ourselves are actually building a system, quality control at every step of the procedure is possible. The tremendous amount of positive feedback
from customers located across the globe and that appears over the internet and through word of mouth at star parties, is a direct result of our dedication to making extraordinary optical systems and Hydorgen Alpha Solar Viewing products. 

Compromising quality in order to compete with importers is a poor business plan and not beneficial to the astro afficionado!  As long as there are large numbers of amateurs who appreciate what the Denkmeier/Spectrum philosophy adds to the betterment of their astronomical pursuits, we will count ourselves among an ever diminishing group of manufacturers that have not sold out for a quick dollar. Since we are now more than just a "Binoviewer Company",we now bring this same philosphy to Solar Observing Products such as the new Spectrum 60 Upgrade for The PST, the innovative new IBS Air Spaced Etalon Filter, and The Spectrum 100 Upgrade for The PST!

Binoviewers and Optical Quality
In late 2009, we introduced our unified "Super Systems". These Standard and Denk II Binoviewer Systems work with virtually any telescope that focuses a single eyepiece and they do so at three different magnfications when only one pair of eyepueces are used. Both the Standard and Denk II Super Systems include two inch Corrector Lenses. All Optical Corrector Systems (OCS) are star tested in our lab with extra focal diffraction rings being carefully examined in with an apochrmatic flourite objective lens. All Binoviewers are assembled by our carefiully trained staff,  Our Denkmeier eyepieces are also assembled at Spectrum and carefully matched as pairs. Denkmeier Binoviewers designed with 26mm clear aperture , are just large enough to illuminate all 1.25" eyepieces, but not needlessly over sized. Lareger prisms cause an increase in light path to occur. This Increased light path requires higher power optical relays for focus to occur in most telescopes, making lower end magnifications not possible. Do not be misled by flashy numbers that sound attractive. Our Binoviewer System parameters are managed in order that they may deliver the best possible views in the catagories of sharpness, contrast, wide field capabilities, and ergonomics.

Our Lowest Cost Binoviewer
Now we also introduce a more affordable system called the Big Easy, which is actually a Standard Denk Binoviewer without some of the more expensive appointments like SCD Holders, the Power x Switch, or aluminum case. The Big Easy promises to find it's way into the telescope focusers of thousands of observers who had previously decided that a purchase of the higher priced Standard and Denk II Systems would have to wait for less lean times. Reaching Focus is no problem on Refractors, Newtonians or SCTs and the multiple magnification modes including a focal reduction mode for F/10 SCTs make The Big Easy big news!

2" Power Switch Star Diagonals
Invented by Russ Lederrman, our Power x Switch Star Diagonal series offers both single eyepiece users and Binoviewer enthusiasts a means to experience the magic of Power Switching. Once you try this, you will be hooked, no doubt at all. Imagine viewing a glaxy and being able to instantly switch between focal reduction, normal, and barlowing powers in your SCT. Load a Denk Bino and a pair of eyepieces into a Power switch Star Diagonal and switch between three magnification factors instantly. Why buy three pairs of eyepieces and go through the trouble of switching them for magnification changes when you can use a Power Switch Diagonal? Saves you money and is great fun to use!

The Filter  Switch
The Filter Switch not only protects your filters from dew and dust, but puts full control at your fingertips. Introduce one or another 2" or 1.25" filter into the light path in fractions of a second. This capability means that you will use filters to look at every object! Obtaining a filter-free view means pulling the carrier arm to the out position, again accomplished in fractions of a second. You'll view every object with and without filtration because it is so easy to use them. Add The filter switch to your Super System, or Power Switch Star Diagonal.

Denk Hi-Def Filters
Denkmeier Optical offers our own line of filters including the HI-def OIII, UHC, and Planetary Filters. Available in 2" and 1.25" formats, be sure to try them in your Denk Filter switch System! They all feature dielectric scratch resistant protection and Spectrum IBS coatings.

Denkmeier Eyepieces
Our own Denkmeier eyepieces are available for purchase in our Denkmeier Online Store. Speaking of our new eyepieces, they have been designed specifically for the Denkmeier line of binoviewers utilizing the highest quality Japanese raw glass and they are assembled in our U.S.A. facility. In quick order, they have been rated the best binoviewer eyepieces anywhere by many of those who have compared them to other eyepieces that also were considered to be of the finest quality. See the review of the D14 eyepiece on Cloudy Nights website. This review can be accessed from our eyepiece product page. For H-a Solar Observations, we guarantee them to be the best performers anywhere!

The Future of Denkmeier Optical: Solar Observing
We depend on the support of the amateur astronomy community. We invest heavily in new product invention and design and are currently filing our third patent. If innovation is to continue (rather than simple importation), we ask that consumers support our continuing efforts to bring new products to all of you who hope to see more. That is what it is about for us; To create new products that will allow us all to see more deeply, comfortably and with increased acuity. This will add to our sense of wonder as we ponder the enormity and mystery of the beautiful Cosmos.
The solar Cycle is on the way upward when it comes to solar activity!  We are excited about the great opportunities that joining with Spectrum Thin Films has created in developing great solar filters. Stay tuned!

About The Owners
Denkmeier Optical, Inc. is Jointly owned and operated by Spectrum Thin Films and 
Russ Lederman. Russ is an amateur astronomer with more than 20 years experience observing the night sky. He has written for The Webb Society Quarterly Journal. His observations of Palomar and other globular clusters using his 20" F/5 Newtonian resulted in the correction of some professional catalogs that listed these objects as both globulars and galaxies (see: "Star Clusters" by Archinal and Hynes published by Willman-Bell). Russ is an inventor and a member of Maryland Mensa. His goal is to make new products that will change the way we all look at the sky visually. Spectrum Thin Films is a cutting edge coating facility in Hauppauge NY. Anthony "Tony" Pirera's (Owner and Operatpr of Spectrum) outstanding knowledge of the optical coating process made the joining of the two companies a win/win situation. Some of Anthony's coatings now sit on the surface of Mars!  He deisiged coatings that noe reside on the optical instrementation aboard the Mars Lander. Tony is highly respected in the coatings industry and has a relentless approach when it comes to improving H-a solar Observation. His innovativbe ideas promise to change the way we all view our own star. The choice of using Spectrum to coat the camera lenses of the Mars Lander proves what our capabilities are when it comes to designing the best coating recipes available anywhere.

Russ Lederman April 2009

Is Quality Important To Amateur Astronomers?
With the dedication and effort that night sky observers and daytime Solar observers ex

pend in the pursuit of viewing the wonders of the Universe, they should be confident that during those steady magical moments of seeing, the image detail produced by the telescopes that they use is maximized rather than compromised. They seek out our Binocular Viewers time and time again. Afterall, Refractor owners understand that objective lenses can vary greatly in price. Newtonian mirrors of similar aperture can also be very differently priced. Binoviewers are no different. Simply put, the best Binoviewer costs more to produce. We strongly believe that most astronomy enthusiasts appreciate this fact.



Some Interesting Comments below (We Have Hundreds More!)

"The Denkmeier System did not degrade the image. The prisms caused no additional chromatic aberration when used on a refractor & this is a remarkable level of correction, surpassing more expensive binocular viewers I've tested in the past. The Denk II also has superb performance with respect to spherical aberration and astigmatism. The viewer I tested was completely free of spherical aberration and astigmatism. Under a critical star test, stellar images looked as sharp and as textbook perfect through the viewer as they did through a single eyepiece at the equivalent magnification." -Alan Dyer, Sky &Telescope March 2005 Review.

"When I upacked the Denkmeier II Powerswitch Binoviewer, I thought, "If this thing matches the way it looks and feels, Denkmeier Optical has a real winner". When I looked through the binoviewer, my thought changed to "Oh, Wow!"...."The quality and craftmenship are superb in all aspects, even down to the machined lens caps."......."After using the Denkmeier II Binoviewer system for a few weeks, I judge it well worth the investment." ......Binoviewers are not new to the world of amateur astronomy. Denkmeier Optical however has taken telescope binoviewing to a new level with the features incorporated in (or attached to) its Denkmeier II Binoviewer series." -Mike Marcotte, Astronomy Magazine January 2006 Review

"Assigning 5 Ratings using a scale of 1-9 with 9 being the best: Build Quality: 8, Optical Quality: 9, Ease Of Use: 8, Versatility: 9, Value For Money: 8" - David Paul, Astronomy Now Magazine March 2004 Review ( Britain 's Largest Astronomy Magazine)

"These instruments produce views that are out of this world! The Moon appears three dimensional, and many deep-sky objects take on a completely different appearance."....."the Denkmeier offers the Power x Switch, a wonderful accessory that allows you to change magnification simply by the pull of a lever, kind of like a pair of extra-giant zoom binoculars. The Power x Switch also allows Schmidt Cassegrain telescope owners to reduce magnification through a focal reducing lens, resulting in less power and a wider field of view." -Dr. Mike D. Reynolds, "Binocular Stargazing" (Stackpole Books, 2005)

"Now that I've been through all of this, I've decided that I want to continue to own the Denkmeier Deep Sky Binoviewer. I enjoy looking through all different kinds of telescopes. I don't know what telescopes I might use in the future. For flexibility in all situations, I feel that the Denkmeier unit wins the contest. The Denkmeier unit gives me the best deep sky observing across all three kinds of telescopes. It's a winner on the price/performance scale. And, everyone who looks through it immediately wants to purchase one." -Jim Gutman, Cloudy Nights Review (2002)

"Finally, I'm extremely impressed by the amount (and speed) of the development Denkmeier does. Listening to customer feedback to improve their product seems to be number one with Denkemeier, and I can't really tell you how important I see that to be. In the four or five months from when this review was conceived to its writing, their product line has been enhanced and expanded further than I would have thought possible."......"I wanted the flexibilty that Denkmeier provides, so I'm buying the Denkmeier Standard. The only real question is how long I'm going to keep it. You see, the Denkmeier Two Premium will be out shortly, and I'm looking forward to comparing the two. " -Tom Trusock, Cloudy Nights Review (2003)

"There were, by the way, several other brands of binoviewers on the field, so I had the opportunity to compare their performance to that of the Standard Denkmeier, if not in side-by-side fashion. My opinion? For ME the Denkmeier worked better and was more comfortable to use. I do understand that "comfort" when using binoviewers is a subjective thing, and that what suits one person might not suit another, but I can only report what I experienced, after all."......."Did I say M33 was my fave? Actually, my most memorable observation at Chiefland was not M33. Oh, that was great, but the greatest thing was the Denkmeier showing me the "Running Man" Nebula, that complex of reflection nebulosity in Orion' sword including NGC 1973-5-7. In the past, I'd never been sure I'd seen it. It's like the reflection nebula in the Pleiades; it's very easy to ascribe what you see to scattered light. But the Denk pulled-out the real deal. Not just around those bright stars, but fanning off into space, showing surprising size and detail." -Rod Mollise, Author of "Choosing and Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope" (Springer-Verlag, 2001 available at Amazon.com)

                            Who is "Mr. Denkmeier"?

Denkmeier Optical's name was chosen to reflect a philosophy. In fact, there is no "Mr. Denkmeier"! The english translation for the text, Denkmeier is "Think Leader". Do not be mislead by those using similar sounding names! We at Denkmeier Optical, seek to Illuminate, not Obscure reality.

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