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Q: What is the Minimum and Maximum Interpupillary Fold Width of The Binotron-27?
A: 52mm is the minimum, 80mm is maximum.

Q: Is the Binotron-27 Body a converted microscope head?
A: No. The Binotron-27 has been designed from start to finish by Denkmeier Optical. We own the mold, made the mold, and utilized 15 years of experience to design a binoviewer specific to astronomy with the most innovative features anywhere.

Q: What is the warranty and is it transferrable?
A: Our warranty is good for one full year from date of delivery. The warranty is not transferrable. We urge you to buy new, not used. We cannot do tech support on used products. 

Q: Why is there no automatic shipping amount added when I check out of the shopping cart?
A: We add shipping charges  depending on your location. International shipping is done online by us and the charge depends on what we are charged by USPS (Postal). For domestic shipping, UPS charges vary according to the zip code. We do n ot charge flat rates but add the shipping costs according to location.
Q: My Interpupillary tension is loose enough so that it folds downward with eyepieces installed. Is this normal?
A: This tension is easily adjustable. Please see the instructions below:                              

Q: What are the weights of the various parts?
A: This photo below provides weights in both grams and ounces. For The BINOTRON-27 Super System, one would add the weight of the BINOTRON-27 Body, The Bino Power Switch, The 2" Nose (not pictured: 50gm/1.7 oz), The Middle Newtonian Spacer (if using a Newtonian), and the OCS A-37 or OCS A45 if being used. Note that the OCS A45 actually weighs a bit less due to the thinner walls of the Aluminum Cell. So as an example, The complete BINOTRON-27 Super System ready to be used in a Dob with the Power Switch for Binos, 2" nose, Middle Newt Spacer, and optional OCS A-45 weighs in at 32.4 oz. Add a pair of D21s for an additional 15.4 oz. Add The Filter Switch for an additional 8.7 oz.

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