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Q: My Interpupillary tension is loose enough so that it folds downward with eyepieces installed. Is this normal?
A: This tension is easily adjustable. Please see the instructions below:                              

Q: What are the weights of the various parts?
A: This photo below provides weights in both grams and ounces. For The BINOTRON-27 Super System, one would add the weight of the BINOTRON-27 Body, The Bino Power Switch, The 2" Nose (not pictured: 50gm/1.7 oz), The Middle Newtonian Spacer (if using a Newtonian), and the OCS A-37 or OCS A45 if being used. Note that the OCS A45 actually weighs a bit less due to the thinner walls of the Aluminum Cell. So as an example, The complete BINOTRON-27 Super System ready to be used in a Dob with the Power Switch for Binos, 2" nose, Middle Newt Spacer, and optional OCS A-45 weighs in at 32.4 oz. Add a pair of D21s for an additional 15.4 oz. Add The Filter Switch for an additional 8.7 oz.

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