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The Big Easy
The Big Easy
DISCONTINUED as of 11-20-2011

Because of the extreme popularity of the Standard Super System which includes 3 powers and the patented Power Switch, and 2" OCS System, we have decided to discontinue the sale of this system. Please call with any questions. Threading optical parts on and off to change magnifications is just not as good as having the amazing Power Switch. The 2" OCS included with the Standard Super System is also very beneficial since it has a clear aperture of 37mm vs 24mm for the OCS optic sent with The Big Easy. Too many individuals who have purchased the Big Easy eventually upgrade to the Power Switch and 2" OCS. Therefore, to simplify our versions and respond to the obvious sales trend over the last three- four years, we have decided to discontine this older system. You may call us with any questions at 866-340-4578. The Standard Super System may be purcahsed for $834 with case, or $795 without case. It is an amazing binocular viewer system with the latest technolgy employed! -Russ Lederman/Denkmeier Optical


Now Includes SCD Diopter Eyepiece Holders
If you have been thinking about purchasing a binoviewer but prefer to enter the world of two-eye observing with an introductory unit, you definitely want to read the information in this section. For only $549 + S/H, THE BIG EASY provides first class performance and is far from an introductory binoviewer. The Big easy Package includes our famous Denk Standard Binoviewer with 26mm prisms, Self Centering Aluminum Locking Holders, and a 1.25" format correcting system that allows this world class binoviewer to reach focus at two magnifcations in any Refractor or Newtonian and three magnifications in an F/10 SCT including a wonderful focal reduction mode. Just click on THE BIG EASY Manual to see exactly how to use this system for any telescope after reading about the basics below.

For Beginners?
The Big Easy is a trimmed down Denkmeier Standard Binoviewer Package that includes the same super quality 26mm clear aperture binoviewer that has made our reputation what it is today, while starting the binoviewer inertia seven+ years ago. In order to trim down our Standard Power x Switch Package, we simply eliminated the "extras" like our patent pending automatic Power x Switching and our aluminum case. But now, the Self Centering Diopter Holders (SCDs) are included. The end result is that a binoviewer that you will use for a lifetime is now within reach without making a big dent in your wallet.

The Big Easy is priced similarly to a new class of introductory binoviewers now being sold by so many dealers, but is anything but a beginner's unit. We at Denkmeier Optical assemble and test each and every unit in our Maryland, USA facility. There is no need to worry about achieving focus in your Refractor, Newtonian or SCT. This is because The Big Easy includes a Denkmeier OCS. We invented the OCS and be assured that there is no need to search for aftermarket parts from other sources when you purchase The Big Easy.

Since the time when Denkmeier Optical innovations allowed binoviewers to be rightfully considered more than just novelties, a new demand has surfaced from those observers who want to try binoviewing without a sizable investment. Denkmeier Optical has responded with our new Big Easy Package. The Big Easy is built for a lifetime and will illuminate long focal length eyepieces due to the large aperture prisms that we have always used.

Focal Reduction Too!
SCT owners will really enjoy focal reduction without vignetting (see our eyepiece recommendations in the FAQ section) as well as a normal magnification and 2X. Newtonian and Refractor users will have the means to produce two magnifications with the Big Easy OCS. 26mm prisms means superior illumination, no doubt about it. Our OCS optics are housed in precision machined black anodized aluminum tubes and threaded for 1.25" filters. Our stealth black baffling and special grooving on the interiors is standard as it always has been. The coatings are extremely efficient in eliminating reflection throughout the visible spectrum.

For the very best in performance including all of our ultimate features, choose a Denk II Super System ($1334). For the amazing convenience of Power x Switching and the super precision of our SCD Holders at a more affordable level, Choose the Standard Super System ($734). For the most affordable entry into the world of full aperture binoviewing at only
$549 and the freedom to reach focus in any scope,  we now offer The Big Easy.

The Binoviewer
Denkmeier Standard Binoviewer has brought amazing two-eyed views of planets, The Sun, The Moon and countless Deepsky objects to amateur astronomers around the world. We decided to create an introductory package that would be more affordable to beginners and seasoned veterans alike. What we did not want to do was compromise on the quality. The large aperture Standard Binoviewer included in this package has the same 26mm prisms as it's Power Switching Cousin and now includes Self Centering Diopter Holders (SCD Holders). The holders lock the eyepieces in without the use of setscrews. An internal split ring is collapsed equally over the 360 degree circumference of the eyepiece barrel for perfect alignment every time. A smooth sliding motion of the eyepiece remains possible even though the eyepiece is firmly retained in these  holders. So, the eyepieces are Self- Centered (essential for proper merging of the images) and snugly contained, but still can be raised or lowered in the CNC machined, all aluminum anodized holders. This raising and lowering changes the focus in one or the other eyepiece to compensate for differences in your vision.

We Always Exercise Careful Production Methods
Each Standard Binoviewer included in this package is carefully hand collimated and undergoes the same meticulous quality control procedures that are mandated for all Denkmeier products, right in our Maryland, U.S.A.  facility.  We simply trimmed away some of the extras to make this system more affordable, without trimming away the quality found throughout.

What Is Included
The BIG EASY includes our patent pending OCS system that will easily convert to allow almost any telescope to reach focus. Not only will your telescope reach focus, but a variety of magnifications will be possible with the eyepieces that are available with this system. The BIG EASY includes: The Denk Standard Binoviewer with our lockable SCD Aluminum Self Centering Diopter Holders,  a Patented 1.25" Optical Corrector System (OCS) for Newtonians and Refractors that operates at both 1.4X and 2.5X magnifications and then converts to a Star*Sweeper providing F/6.6 reduction, F/20 multiplication and "normal power mode" for Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes (SCTs). For Refractors using 2" Star Diagonals, an adapter is also included that allows the important OCS Cell to be threaded to the 48mm telescope-side filter threads of the 2" star diagonal.

What Is Not Included
The Power x Switch, our patent pending device that allows instant magnifcation changes is not included. Magnification changes that are possible with the Big Easy OCS must be performed manually by threading or unthreading certain parts but this takes seconds. There is no case included though our optional Denkmeier aluminum locking case is certainly available for $29. If you ever have wanted to get into binoviewing but didn't want to settle for a mini-prism binoviewer, this is a great opportunity to do so! The Patented modular OCS (USPTO #20040150882) also included with The Big Easy eliminates focus worries and contains our Fully-Multi-Coated optical components for top contrast and sharpness.

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