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New! Solar Observing

UPDATE: We make Optical Correctors to allow our BINOTRON-27TM and other Denk Binos to acheive focus in all Lunt Solar Scopes. We make Optical Correctors to allow focus in Coronado Solar Scopes. Call or email for more information. 

It's simple: For Lunt Scopes: 
The Newly designed One-Piece Optical Corrector for Lunt Scopes and the 1.25" #33 nosepiece: $299

For Coronado Scopes with BF10 or 15 1.25" Diagonals: The #150 1.25" Optical cell and the 1.25" #33 nosepiece are required for use in our Binotron-27 equipped with power switches. $199

For Our Binotron-27s _without_ Power Switches, the #150 1.25" Optical Cell and the 1.25" Optical Part O Nosepiece are required: $269

Call for details.
866-340-4578 The information below may not be up to date. It is best to email us or call and explain what Denk Binoviewer model you have and also exactly what solar scope you wish to use (including blocking filter diagonal model or BF30 you use).

"I would STRONGLY urge you to not use a Denk binoviewer with a solar H-a setup! Severe damage is likely to occur when it blows your friggin' socks off! It's almost like getting another 0.2 angstrom closer to solar Nirvana, with detail and contrast increasing significantly!" -Cheers, Paul Hyndman (A very happy DenkII / Power x Switch solar-geek!)
Note: Paul Hyndman is a world-class Solar observer and his photos of the Sun in H-a light have been published in many magazines. This amazing Solar Prominence photo bares witness to Paul's standard of excellence. We are well pleased that he has added a Denk II and a pair of D21 Eyepieces to his Solar observing equipment.

Greg Piepol uses a double stacked Coronado 90, and views with Denk II Premium Binoviewer and D21 Eyepieces. Visit his award winning website and see what he has to say about our system.

H-a Is Great With Two Eyes!
While Denkmeier Optical, Inc. does not produce solar filters, there are certainly a large number of Denk Binoviewer users who view the Sun with two eyes while using a telescope equipped with a Hydrogen Alpha (H-a) filter system or a white-light filter of some kind. In this section, we offer guidelines for using our binoviewers with the most popular H-a systems made by Coronado Technologies. We are not solar filter experts and we urge you to contact the manufacturer of your solar filter for specific questions regarding the general use of that product. We only offer guidelines on obtaining focus when adding our binoviewer to the instrument being used with the solar filter.

Warning!!!  Never view the sun without the proper filter system produced by a reliable manufacturer or eye injury and even blindness can result. Never view The Sun through a telescope that is not equipeed with such a system.

Coronado Solarmax® Filters
When a typical commecially sold Refractor is outfitted with a Coronado Solarmax Filter, the objective lens of the refractor is covered with the solar filter. Then, a special 1.25 star diagonal made by Coronado is inserted into the telescope focuser. This diagonal contains the blocking filter. There are three diagonals available; the BF5, BF10 or BF15. An additional filter called the BF30 is also available but is best used for photography and it can be problematic when used with a binoviewer because of the additional amount of back focus that it requires. We do have solutions for many refractors when this is used though our typical lower-end magnifications become higher with the BF30 than when the 1.25" BF diagonals are employed.

Denkmeier Parts Needed
If a Denk Binoviewer is to be used, the Coronado 1.25" blocking filter Diagonal must have our #150 1.25" OCS Cell threaded into the diagonal 1.25" filter threads located on the telescope-side. The Binoviewer must also utilize a second optic located within the Power x Switch on the binoviewer for the lowest power setting to function. Using the Power x Switch, it should be set to Logo-Side arm "IN" for this low power 1.4X setting. With the Power x Switch arms in the "OUT" position, 2.5X will occur.

Binoviewers Without Power x Switches
If the Binoviewer itself is not equipped with a Power x Switch (Ex: when Diagonal #R1, #R2 or #S2 are being used), the special 1.25" nosepiece Part O for Coronado usage must be threaded in the binoviewer. This special 1.25" nosepiece contains an optic that works in conjunction with the #150 Cell used in the Coronado BF Diagonal and allows low power to occur with the Binoviewer. For higher Power, the special nosepiece with optic is removed and replaced with the 1.25" hollow nosepiece that is supplied with all Denkmeier Binoviewers.

Solarmax Telescopes
Unlike the Solarmax filters that thread onto a refractor in front of the objective lens, The Solarmax Telescopes consist of complete telescopes designed exclusively for H-a observing. Of these, only the Solarmax90 Telescope will focus without the special Denkmeier optical components discussed previously in this section. That is because the focuser drawtube has been designed to cover a very large range of travel. Because of this special Refractor tube design in the Solarmax90 Telescope,, using the Denk II requires no additional optical components to be employed in the BF diagonal. The smaller aperture versions of the Solarmax Telescope (60mm and 40mm) do require the #150 cell and the Power x Switch or the special 1.25" Part O if no Power x Switch is threaded directly on the binoviewer (ex: the 2" Power x Switch Diagonal is being used which means that no Power x Switch is attached directly to the binoviewer).

Multiple Magnifications
Solarmax telescopes feature a sliding drawtube and also a helical fine focuser. If the Power x Switch is used for multiple magnifications, it is very likely that the drawtube will need to be expanded outward from the telescope when the higher power positions of the Power x Switch are used so that focus can be reached. If the combination of the #150 Cell in the BF diagonal and the Special 1.25" Part O Nosepiece is being used for low power, when the hollow 1.25" nosepiece without optic is used instead of Part O, the drawtube will also need to be expanded outward so that focus can be achieved. Using the hollow 1.25" nosepiece instead of the Part O creates high power views. The fine helical focusing mechanism used alone does not have an adequate range to allow focus in both the low and high modes so expect that the drawtube will be used to reach both magnifications. Once a rough focus is achieved, the helical focuser may be emplyed for sharp focus and of course, the binoviewer SCDs (when present) will allow extremely sharp focus for each eye when their focusing mechanisms are finally employed.



Optical Cell #150/#33 Nosepiece Optical Cell #150/#33 Nosepiece

This is the #150 Optical Cell for the Coronado BF 5,10,15 1.25" diagonals. Choose this for reaching focus with your Binotron-27 with power switch. This cell allows three magnifications to occur with the Power Switch attached to the Binotron-27. Note that it also includes a 1.25" nosepiece for the Binotron-27. The 1.25" nosepiece must be used in the Binotron-27 Power Switch after removing all 2" sections in order for the Binotron-27 to fit into the 1.25" eyepiece holder of the Coronado BF diagonal.

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